Speaking Engagements

As a disruptive voice for healthcare innovators, Lea facilitates innovation workshops, and speaks on how digital media drives innovation and brand co-creation.


In The Media

Since the founding of TheHealthMaven, Lea has focused on the discipline of innovation and leverging digital media for lean start ups.


Women Who Innovate

The BLOGTALK radio show that features the impact of women in innovation. We feature the stories, challenges, and successes of renowned innovators.

After interviewing innovators and entrepreneurs over the past two years, I have observed 5 characteristics that they all seem to lead with: Sensazione, Storytelling, Social Savvy, Seekers of Simplicity, and Strong Self-Awareness.

LeAnna J. Carey, A Year of Magical Thinking, FEI Boston 2013

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Big Data Innovations in Healthcare – Kash Badami

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