Keeping Cool Under Fire With Marianne Fleischer

2013-12-16_2233Do you know how to keep cool under fire? Even seasoned professionals need to continually adapt, read the room, and change course on the fly.  In the heat of the moment, it is next to impossible to stop and consider what is really being asked.  Marianne Fleischer, Principal of Fleischer Communications will share her insights on getting crystal clear on intention by understanding how important it is to NOT misread the room, understand the elements of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, and how to master principles of rhetorical savvy.  We will also discuss how to profile 3 key audience types:  Leaders, Peers, & Partners – in other words, mental prep!  Marianne Fleischer is a senior communication strategist, TV writer-producer and speech writer/speech coach. She has been a CEO speechwriter at Schwab, Autodesk and Genentech. Ms. Fleischer was a newscaster for two TV stations in Midwest. Moving to San Francisco she became a documentary and talk show producer, consulting with KRON-TV (NBC) and KPIX-TV (CBS) TV. Fleischer also wrote-produced three national TVseries for PBS-TV.


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