Where Do The Emotions Go?

I was at my desk wrapping up a project when one of my old girlfriends from high school announced in big bold letters via Facebook that she was cancer free.  I immediately thought of another dear friend who received the same good news this year and noted that I had the same overwhelming reaction of relief, peace, and most of all thankfulness for both them. I also wondered if I had done enough…rockscircle

I smiled as I remembered my high school friend being crowned as one of our beauties and laughed out loud at the memory of pulling each others hair in elementary school…wait, hold on…that was just yesterday!  This flood of memories started me thinking about where emotions go, where do they finally end up..what new feelings must one be prepared to deal with after receiving a bill of good health? I looked at a few websites like www.livestrong.com, where they address paying attention to new feelings and the importance of maintaining good relationships with friends and family.  I would imagine that very few of us pay enough attention to our feelings, and I am very guilty in not asking those very special cancer survivors how they are doing! Course correction time!


2 thoughts on “Where Do The Emotions Go?

  1. After, I recieved my clean bill of health I have been more proactive in becoming a healthy person – healthyminded. My diet is more balanced and I try to exercise more. While I had cancer, one thing that I did was NOT own it..I never referred to it as “my cancer” and I engaged with positive and encouraging people. The thing that helped me the most, however, was my faith. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, including stand up to cancer. I love it that I don’t have to live in fear. When I was first diagnosed I asked people not to feel pity or speak negatively. I needed positive prayers and encouragement. I use my cancer experience to help encourage others, but I don’t dwell on it so that it pulls me down. I do appreciate the prayers and encouragement of others. And love them for keeping me in their hearts and prayers. Love is the best emotion to share!!

  2. Lea – thanks for sharing such a thoughtful post. I too had a friend who I haven’t spoken to in a while tell me that she is now cancer free for 7 years. I spent time with her when she was sick and it is a gift to know that her perseverance, positive attitude and unwillingness to give up made such a difference. Where do the emotions go? And yes, time for me to do some course correction too …relationships are precious and time is fleeting. Laurie

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