I Am Not A Hipster…

I’m not a hipster. I have no Indie cred.  I live in the suburbs and have no idea who the Shins are; a big night for me is sipping a glass of wine with Bob and Teresa.  Could I have anything in common with a creative hipster?  Maybe.  I’m intrigued by their use of language, intuitiveness, and unique communicability.  Interestingly, the use of social media provides some of the same appeal – the means to communicate a unique message and story to a target community.  For example, there is an  increasing number of healthcare thought leaders contributing to social media conversations, addressing the pain points of the industry.  Chances are, you will not see this same group mixing with Charlie Sheen.  These thought leaders know what they bring to the table, what they stand for, and use their voice.   

I would guess that ‘time’ and fear of a large learning curve have kept some from jumping into the ring.  I suggest that the use of social media tools is like implementing any other strategy – ask yourself, what it is that you want to accomplish by expressing your point of view.

MuseedOrsayIt helps to not approach social media as if learning a completely different language – even, if it’s been some time since you expressed yourself other than as an employee. Take some time to find your voice. If communicating your own personal brand were easy, you would already be a millionaire and have written several books.  Author, Amy Tan said that, “I thought I was clever enough to write as well as these people and I didn’t realize that there is something called originality and your own voice.“  


It could be that you will meet yourself through your social media writing.  Your authenticity will fuel your social media currency, and that it all begins with one thought at a time.  It’s time to unleash your voice, achieve your potential and make a difference.  And one last word for all those content farms out there…find your own voice, hon.

* Recognize the clock? You are right, it’s the clock from the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. It’s known as a portal to one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Not just a clock. And your voice is just not another voice.


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