A Consumer Perspective On Healthy Mindedness

 Have you ever wondered what healthy mindedness looks likejoannaMikePerhaps it looks like someone who takes their personal potential and lifestyle choices to heart.  In my interview with JoAnna Brogdon, the ultimate fitness and energy ambassador,  I asked what the tipping point was that made her health a priority.  JoAnna shared that she was determined to change her life during her early school years, after feeling like an outsider. She has continued to adopt a daily discipline of fitness and motivates others to think differently about their health. “…wellness comes from the other areas of our life, including, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.”


What strikes me, when reviewing this interview is that passion, empowerment and energy appear to be a result of being mindful, as well as the mindset.  While JoAnna climbs a mountain every year, participates in marathons and triathlons, she shares
how important it is to start out with an accountability partner and finding the right tools to stay engaged.  She highly recommends checking out The Energy Project as a starting place for those who know that they need to do something different – or want a better life!    

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I hope that you enjoyed our discussion today!


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