The Creativity of Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Where does creativity come from?  According to Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds, some people have strong abilities in many areas, music, mathematics, verbal reasoning, visual thinking and so on, and typically think of such people as Renaissance type figures.  And while he explains that high ability in one area does not entail in others, he also frames creativity as not only a matter of inspiration, but that skill is involved as well.  There could not be a better description of Dr. Steven Eisenberg, a board certified doctor of Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology, who connects with his patients  beyond their diagnosis of cancer, by creating and singing music for them.

musicYesterday, I had the great privilege of interviewing Steven about his creative approach and he shared what he calls sailing the #7C’s: Caring, Connection, Collaboration, Creativity, Compassion, Community and Communication.  Steven believes in possibilities and passes on hope and a strong sense of well-being to his patients.  He shares how music can trigger positive emotional and physiologic reactions, and that those with cancer can have quality of life, even should they physically decline.

Of course, I asked of the Twitterverse, if creativity could be learned, and of course, @Ken_Rosen was the first to respond with a resounding yes.  Ken Robinson agrees with Ken, or vice versa.  I would have to agree – in this context, music therapy has been around since ancient times and in Western medicine since the 1950′s; Dr. Steven Eisenberg decided to use his gift by picking up his guitar and his stethoscope to change lives.  I hope that you enjoy this unplugged interview…I did!

steven1EnlightenMed, LLC and Lyrical Life were founded by Dr. Steven Eisenberg, a board certified doctor of Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology. He is a founding member of Pacific Oncology and Hematology Associates in greater San Diego. Dr. Eisenberg uses music, humor and heart to transform his patients’ journeys through the minefield of cancer.

@drseisenberg on Twitter

Aesop’s Fables – The Swan and the Goose A CERTAIN rich man bought in the market a Goose and a Swan. He fed the one for his table and kept the other for the sake of its song. When the time came for killing the Goose, the cook went to get him at night, when it was dark, and he was not able to distinguish one bird from the other. By mistake he caught the Swan instead of the Goose. The Swan, threatened with death, burst forth into song and thus made himself known by his voice, and preserved his life by his melody.


3 thoughts on “The Creativity of Dr. Steven Eisenberg

  1. Lea,
    I like the notion that creativity can be learned. The 7′C principles listed in your post are very helpful. Too often we associate creativity with art and that is too narrow. This topic is thought provoking. Thanks for providing some great food for thought.

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