Uncommon Communication, pt. 1

This morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing communication expert, Jill Royston, on the art of communication and authentic listening.  Jill shares three key perspectives that will yield positive outcomes when communicating:

  1. bluerocksEffective communication, begins with intent.  People choose to listen, because they care about what  is being said and have interest in what will happen next. Listeners look for information that is relevant, interesting or useful.
  2. It is important during conversations to ‘match up pictures’ and test assumptions by asking questions, to understand the other persons point of view.
  3. Communicating to share a viewpoint is not influence; influence begins when ‘creating’ together, in order to surface information and choices that point to a positive outcome.

This interview with Jill is the first in a three part series. Our next discussion will focus on what influence looks like. Thank you!

 ”To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well”   John Marshall


One thought on “Uncommon Communication, pt. 1

  1. I think a key for communication is well summed up in “People choose to listen, because they care aboutwhat is being said and have interest in what will happen next.”

    If we care enough about each other to care what the other is actually trying to say… a lot of our issues just evaporate away.

    Thanks for this interview (and on Friday the 13th even)!


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