New Business Models Means New Target Markets

Before stoking your social media bonfire you need to have a strategy in place, if you want to be successful.  peopleartabstractIt’s an exciting time to be in healthcare because the landscape is changing due to the emergence of new business models, entrepreneurs and innovators. There is also a groundswell of activity focused on casting wide social media nets in order to build a presence and extend brands online. Strategically speaking, what is this best way to leverage the timing of this market and the tools of social media for those who find themselves in new territory?  The answer is to draw on the experience of those entrepreneurs and influencers with extremely successful track records.  This week I interview Ken Rosen, the managing partner of Performance Works, on the importance of understanding the basics of how to identify a target market before launching a social media strategy. 

While social media begins with, the who, and not the what, the ultimate goal for entrepreneurs is to be successful, and Ken provides insight on how to build a foundation to discover the challenges, industry pains and ultimately, buying triggers of potential clients.  We also discuss how to approach clients in existing markets, as well as, new markets. You’ll enjoy this unedited podcast as Ken (@Ken_Rosen) shares over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and strategy development, including executive roles in both start-ups and industry-leading companies. Join us!  


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