Mobile Health and The Consumer

Dr. Virginia Gurley, M.D., MPH, Founder and President of AuraViva, and Lea Carey, TheHealthMaven, discuss the insightful PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute survey on mobile health, within the context of consumer adoption.  This is the first in a series of three podcasts focusing on the mHealth industry as related to the HRI report and the survey topics covered in this first episode:

  • mobilewaveHalf of consumers surveyed said they would buy mobile technology for their health, of those 20%  would use it to monitor fitness or wellbeing and 18% want their doctors to monitor their health conditions.
  • While 40% of respondents would be willing to pay for a monthly mobile phone service or device that could send information to their doctor, they would prefer to pay less than $10 for the monthly mobile phone service and less than $75 for the devices.
  • Even though surveys show women make most health decisions for the family, the HRI survey showed that men are twice as likely as women to use their cell phone to get health related reminders.
  • Even though most Americans are insured through group health policies, the survey showed that individual policy holders were more likely to buy mobile health applications and to pay out of pocket for electronic visits with physicians.

Please join us for our next episode when we discuss Mobile Health and Physicians, so stay tuned, Lea


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