Your Senses, Savoring, and Sleep…

Taking the time to savor may be the key to becoming more
healthy minded
. Today, I had the privilege of interviewing
Dr. Stuart Seale, MD and  Dr. Virginia Gurley, MD,  on lifestyle health choices, diet and fitness.  P1040283One of the benefits of speaking with physicians who believe in what they are doing, is that they inspire change at a completely different level – Passion! You’ll enjoy this BlogTalkRadio episode as both physicians discuss the importance of savoring the dining experience, the importance of sleep, and staying fit to become a more healthy minded consumer.  For those of you who are interested in Lifestyle Medicine, they conclude by explaining why this emerging field is rewarding for both patients and physicians. I invite you to listen & enjoy!  I’ll ask you my
favorite question again, are you healthyminded?

O for a life of Sensations rather than of Thoughts!  Keats, 1817


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