How Does Your Local Hospital Rank?

The U.S. News Best Hospitals Exclusive Rankings are in.  This year they evaluated almost 5,000 hospitals to rank the best in 16 adult specialties from cancer to urology. Death rates, patient safety, and reputation with more than 9,000 specialists went into the 2010-11 rankings.  One universal question that all families comment on is the quality of nursing care and here are those rankings, based on patient satisfaction surveys. If you are on a serious quest for more information on physicians, nursing homes and hospitals, check out  HealthGrades, the independent healthcare ratings organization.  Good luck and good health to you!


A Feeble Body Makes a Feeble Mind? Or Just the Opposite?

How Fat is Your State?

Rousseau said, “A feeble body makes a feeble mind.”  I think that it is just the opposite based upon the August 3rd CDC report on obesity. One of the key takeaways for the public is that past efforts and investments to prevent and control obesity have not been adequate. In fact, this is where we stand: 72.5 million adults are obese and the annual medical costs related to obesity are as high as $147 billion.


I suspect that the healthcare industry is beginning to realize that it is difficult to tap into the perplexing issue of choice and understand what really compels one to not back away from the chocolate cake. There are things within our power and how we choose to approach the cake is one of them. I recently read an article  on how Frenchwomen pass on style from generation to generation and keeping a steady weight is a lifestyle.  A bit of perspective about France as a whole, their obesity rates are rising but far lower than the United States.

The CDC report indicates that no single strategy has been determined most effective; I can share with you from personal experience that posting a fat picture on the refrigerator does not work.  So, does obesity come down to the side of choice and personal responsibility, only?  Let’s be honest, we all forget what we have the power to control.  Don’t you think that understanding, empathy and education enable the ability to make great decisions?


Are You Healthy Minded?

~Welcome to the musings of TheHealthMaven~

It’s a new economy and the era of health reform is rolling in right before our eyes.  I love what Peter Drucker had to say about change, “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”  His words ring true when we think about the current and  future changes that are taking place in response to new legislation.  Consumers are becoming more engaged in their health and looking for authentic sources of information and quality care.  I’m not certain that we will ever get to the essence of all the debate surrounding healthcare, but, one thing is for certain…

We need to think differently about health… 

Healthy mindedness.  I had to stop and think on this one for a while, and even visited the dictionary to get an idea of the definition:

  • In good condition
  • Beneficial to health
  • Psychologically sound
  • Suggestive of good health
  • Functioning well

Functioning well? I think that we are on to something here. I have spent years trying to get into good condition and I am generally reminded of the need to exercise more and eat less whenever shopping for new clothes.

As the words imply, healthy mindedness is not just about shedding those pounds, it’s so much more. Life would be simple if looking great was the only criteria; do you know anyone who stumbled upon their health endgame?  Not me.  In fact, most conversations about health focus on the process of getting healthy, lifestyle and concern over the cost of care.  In that sense, consumers seem to be on common ground and looking for their own answers through social media. What role will social media play for consumers?

We are beginning to see providers and purchasers of health care services kick the wheels of social media.  Social media may have a pivotal role in consumer health – enabling communication, encouragement and disseminating information. What are your thoughts about healthy mindedness? What role can social media play in sparking personal behavior and lifestyle change?  I welcome your thoughts and comments because there is a great deal to say about both!