Rick Lee: The Innovators Innovator

John Lennon said, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”  When I asked Rick Lee, the CEO of Healthrageous, where his entrepreneurial roots came from, he did not give an expected answer.  When I asked him about healthcare and innovation, again, he did not give an expected answer.  This is why I am certain that his company is going to make a distinctive difference – he was not imitating someone else or their philosophy.Fond psychédélique Rather than quell innovation by a passive acceptance of the status quo, his eloquent ease with questioning  authority has resulted in innovation that provides a unique experience for healthcare consumers.  You will enjoy this interview, because while Lee acknowledges his roots from the 60′s, he clearly has crafted a well thought out company that has responded to the changing and unmet needs of the healthcare consumer.

RickLee32011The full post of my interview with Rick Lee can be found on Innovation Excellence, but here is a teaser…” He contends that we, as consumers, have more skin in the game and are in a rapidly moving groundswell – “just as corporate America can no longer afford pensions to their workers, we are rapidly approaching a time where corporate America can no longer provide healthcare to its workers.”  Lee is correct and interestingly, within the healthcare landscape this awareness has morphed thousands of medical devices, app solutions, and investment dollars into the groundswell.  Now that consumers are in the mix, product innovation, differentiation, and creativity will leave old paradigms in the dust….”


Healthcare Entrepreneur, Thomas M. Lee

Biz Stone said, “timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” This quote is a perfect description of Tom Lee, who shared with our listeners that his roots in healthcare business began in high school while washing dishes in an acute care facility - the business equivalent of starting in the mail room. He shares that when he was presented with the task of creating a facility from the ground up, he saw an opportunity to differentiate care delivery.  Innovation appears to be in his DNA as well.

social network structureOver time Tom has developed an unparalleled reputation for both timing and recognizing business entry points.  As we explored the impact of social media within the healthcare landscape, he emphasized that we have moved from discussions debating the benefit of an online presence, to how that presence is controlled. Tom describes the new obligations of providers to facilitate credible information and ultimately this realization gave way to the The Hashtag Project and his current venture, Symplur.  You will be inspired by listening to Tom not only as he talks about his new ventures, but the why’s behind his innovations. He 


mentions more than once how important it is to be nimble because healthcare is a dynamic playing field. One last observation, you can always recognize leaders because they take the time to mention those who have had a role in their success. I was not the least bit surprised by those he gave a shout out to because they are kindred spirits and will never be mistaken as shy.  I know you’ll enjoy time with Tom, I did!

“…I was excited to be a part of change.”